Zappix Works with Unimonica to Bring Visual IVR to APAC

Zappix has partnered with communications provider Unimonica to bring Visual IVR to Asia and the Pacific.

"Zappix solutions deliver on customers' desires for fast, easy-to-use, self-service CX in a cost-effective and quick-to-launch package," said Wing Chan, marketing director of Unimonica, in a statement. "At Unimonica, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge leads companies towards a successful future, and Zappix brings the edge customer service departments need today."

"The commitment to quality service and technological innovation at Unimonica, coupled with their deep knowledge of the APAC market, provide perfect synergy to our goals at Zappix," said Yossi Abraham, Zappix's president, in a statement. "We are proud to have Zappix solutions included in the suite of technology offered to clients by Unimonica."