Zappix Visual Debuts IVR Authoring Tool for Non-Technical Users

Zappix, of provider of visual IVR technology, has released an improved visual IVR authoring platform that enables non-technical users to build and publish their own omnichannel Visual IVR smartphone app. The Zappix smartphone visual IVR allows companies of any size to improve customer service by making it easier to resolve a problem or complete a transaction without making a phone call. This results in reduced contact center costs while also increasing customer satisfaction and the Net Prompter Score (NPS).

"This is an exciting development for businesses that want to provide mobile customer service capabilities via smartphones and upgrade their current voice IVR Infrastructure to a visual IVR SmartPhone app," said Gal Steinberg, vice president, marketing, Zappix, in a statement. "Our new version of the Zappix platform gives virtually any user, regardless of technical skill, the ability to author---in minutes, with just a few clicks---a customized visual IVR app. As a result, it's never been easier for companies, large or small, to provide consumers with mobile, cloud-based, omnichannel customer service via smartphones."

The Zappix omnichannel Visual IVR app works seamlessly with an array of customer service channels that include voice, Web, mobile online forms, and multi-media (audio or video) self-help resources. After choosing a visual customer service option from within the app, the customer is able to place calls directly through smart Visual IVR menus.