Zappix Unveils Automated Pre/Post Procedure Reminders For Healthcare Providers

Visual IVR vendor Zappix has unveiled the Zappix Pre/Post Procedure Reminders solution to help healthcare providers automatically provide the right information to patients at the right time.

The new solution is part of the Zappix Healthcare Suite and helps patients stay informed with timely reminders to complete critical pre-procedure prep and necessary post-procedure tasks on schedule. Patients of healthcare providers using the Zappix Pre/Post Procedure Reminders solution receive timely messages via SMS, email, or outbound calls reminding them about specific actions they need to take prior to or after a medical procedure. The messages are sent based on the defined medical procedure regimen and processed using the Zappix Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Engine that analyzes the regimen and builds the logic and automation of each reminder.

"The Zappix Healthcare Suite helps healthcare providers better engage with their patients, improve no-shows, and increase the readiness of patients preparing for costly procedures," said Yossi Abraham, Zappix's president, in a statement. "On-time and personalized digital reminders keep patients on track during their busy lives and increase the likelihood of successful procedures. Zappix Pre/Post Procedure Reminders allow healthcare providers to interact with their patients efficiently without the need for time-consuming phone calls from staff members."