Zappix Releases Visual IVR Enhanced Agent Dashboard

Zappix, a provider of visual IVR, on-demand mobile, and mobile app authoring technology for customer service, has introduced an enhanced Agent Dashboard as part of its Visual IVR platform for iPhone, Android, or web app.

The Agent Dashboard syncs communication between mobile customers and call center agents. It is a multi-use solution for call centers, providing a real-time view of information from the customer call and mobile device while still on the line, fast call handling, a 360-degree view of historical data, and a full trace of every activity during a customer call.

"The Visual IVR is a great platform for realizing better efficiency, streamlining the customer service process, increasing customer convenience, and reducing costs," said Avner Schneur, president and CEO of Zappix, in a statement. "With the enhancements to the Agent Dashboard, customer service agents now have faster and more informed access to their customers' journey. Allowing for quick resolutions to customer issues provides a higher customer satisfaction rating and reduces the cost of customer interactions. The Zappix Agent Dashboard also provides insights into customer data, answering specific business questions that can enhance customer service and improve operations."

The Zappix Visual IVR integrates voice and non-voice visual content and customer service channels that include phone, web, mobile online forms, and multimedia (audio or video) self-help resources into one Visual IVR app.