Zappix Integrates with C-Zentrix Video Call and Text Chat

Zappix has integrated video call and text chat solutions from C-Zentrix into Zappix Visual IVR and its other visual self-service offerings.

The Zappix video call and text chat integrations provide the following:

  • Video Insights — Record all video interactions automatically for quality analysis.
  • Multichannel Connectivity — C-Zentrix and Zappix interactions can display video calls alongside text chat, letting users choose the best communication channel for them.
  • In-Call Optimization — Share documents of verification or inspection, deploy self-service smart forms, or secure payment gateways to speed up service.
  • One Tap Live Support
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility — All customers can connect from any device for live assistance: mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Security and Privacy — Video and text chats connect through secure channels, with users' microphones and cameras always muted by default.

"The team at Zappix strives to constantly improve the capabilities of our Visual Self-Service suite, and the C-Zentrix video call and text chat solutions help expand our offering even further," said Yossi Abraham, Zappix's president, in a statement. "Integrating video conferencing and text chat technology enhances the omnichannel capabilities we provide our customers and supports their agents with advanced in-call options."

"C-Zentrix has always created and cultivated innovation in contact center technology and enhancing customer experience, which is why we are glad to integrate with Zappix" said Saket Setu, C-Zentrix's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "This deep integration with CZ Video Chat and CZ Chat will enhance contact center interactions and bring innovative digital transformation to more businesses around the world."