Zang Updates Workflow

Zang, an Avaya company, has updated its Workflow solution with a full suite of seven new features to further help businesses communicate internally and with customers. Zang Workflow is a graphical design tool that enables users to build communication apps and workflows through a drag-and-drop interface.

The new updates include the following:

  • Arrow Connect IoT tasks, offered with Zang Cloud, will allow users to integrate sensors and smart devices into new and existing workflows;
  • Five new smart tasks: Add Participant, Send MMS, Record and Transcribe Calls, Play Recording, and Speech Recognition;
  • Template-based workflows to help users  jumpstart development projects;
  • Ease of conditions with a basic authenticity token and account set to the REST call that users generate when creating a workflow. Anyone from the user's environment can now call into a Zang Workflow because it doesn't need to be a purchased number.
  • Custom Events: Available in the designer, this new feature enables the addition of phone calls or SMS inside user workflows.
  • Definition of properties; and
  • Invoking of Workflows from REST clients.;

"Communication in business is all about having the right tools. With these new workflow updates, we're providing seven new smart Zang Cloud solutions that will help businesses improve team communication and collaboration both inside and outside of their organization, enabling them to provide superior service and build lasting connections with customers," said Mo Nezarati, general manager of Zang, in a statement.

Zang also announced today that Mutare, an independent software developer and systems integrator with a large healthcare customer base, has integrated the Zang communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) to enable its business-grade text messaging solution, Enterprise Text.

Created with the Zang Cloud development platform, Mutare's Enterprise Text enables users to engage in secure, two-way text conversations with customers from their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices without exposing their personal numbers to customers. It can be used with existing business phone numbers, including employees' direct phone lines, or applied to dedicated text-only lines.

"Avaya and Zang Cloud allow Mutare to rapidly and cost-effectively develop applications like Enterprise Text. Any company hoping to stay on top of customer engagement and retention needs to embrace texting as a significant tool for customer interactions. It is fast, efficient, cost effective and, above all, it's what today's customers want," said Mike Sorensen, senior vice president of technology innovation at Mutare, in a statement.

"Mutare is the perfect example of how developers and businesses can use Zang's simple tools and APIs to change the game for smart customer communications and collaboration. The Enterprise Text solution will enable organizations in healthcare, banking, insurance and many more, provide swift and seamless engagement and issue resolution, as well as a positive customer experience," Nezerati said in a statement.