ZOOM International Introduces ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine

ZOOM International, a provider of workforce optimization and contact center software, today announced the ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine to help companies capture, analyze, and improve customer and agent experiences as well as customer support processes and applications.

With search-driven UI, saved searches and text-based highlighting, managers can find and analyze omnichannel interactions in a few mouse clicks. ZOOM's search technology also prioritizes where quality improvements can and should be made.

"We designed a cloud-native search engine for next-generation, data-driven contact centers and smarter WFO applications," said Brian Shore, CEO of ZOOM International, in a statement. "With ZOOM's search capabilities, contact centers can access more varieties and volumes of data with greater effectiveness and speed. At the end of the day, this technology improves the customer experience across channels and in turn delivers better business outcomes in contact center operations."

With omnichannel search technology, ZOOM collects a wide spectrum of interactions—CRM, customer surveys, audio, and video metadata, computer screens, email, chat and collaboration. There is a growing set of APIs to record SMS, social media, internet of things, IVRs, cloud integration services, and more.