Ytel Expands Use of Google Verified SMS and Verified Calls

Ytel, a provider of business communication solutions, has added Verified SMS and Verified Calls by Google to its platform to help business clients build trust and prevent scams.

With Verified SMS and Verified Calls, companies can leverage sender authentication and branding features to deliver secure, trustworthy communications. Verified SMS and Verified Calls authenitcate that each text message and call is being sent by the business registered to send it. If verified, consumers using Android phones with up-to-date messaging and phone applications will see the sender's business name, logo, and a verification badge./p>

"Over the years, I have seen answer rates decrease because customers don't have a great way of knowing if the caller actually represents the business they say they are with," said Nick Newsom, CEO of Ytel, in a statement. "With Verified SMS and Verified Calls, that all changes. We help businesses gain a far greater level of trust from their customers while increasing answer rates and reducing threats from bad actors."

"Trust is central in the relationship between brands and their consumers. Unfortunately, third-party bad actors can jeopardize that trust with unverified calls and texts," said Brian Keep, chief operating officer of Ytel, in a statement "The addition of verified SMS and calls to Ytel's communications platform enhances brand communication and maintains the hard-earned trust businesses have developed with their customers."