Ytel Debuts Mobile Admin App for Cloud Contact Centers

Ytel, a cloud contact center software provider, has launched its first mobile application for iPhone and Android as an administrative companion to its X5 solution. The new app integrates with X5, pulling real-time, quantifiable data for supervisors and floor managers.

Administrators can easily track agent productivity and effectiveness by reviewing who's actively on a call, waiting, on pause, and which agents are either in dead calls or disposition, all from their mobile device. The application gives administrators the opportunity to connect with the right agents at the right time to ensure their contact center is running at an optimum level from the floor, at home or traveling.

"With this reporting dashboard at my fingertips, I can quickly analyze the effectiveness of my agents," said Bronson Zolik, owner, Marketing Science, in a statement. "I can identify potentially lost revenue opportunities due to poor agent performance from anywhere in the world in real-time.”