Wise.io Introduces Wise Support

Wise.io, a provider of machine learning applications for customer service, is launching Wise Support, an intelligent content discovery and creation capability for customer support organizations.

Using machine learning to read and understand past support conversations, Wise Support automatically identifies and surfaces similar agent responses that are not already part of businesses' curated content libraries. With Wise.io, the creative work of front-line agents can be used to drive efficiency and uniformity across customer care.

"Great support organizations leverage curated content and response templates to help their teams interact quickly and effectively in the unique, yet consistent voice of the company," said Wise.io CEO Jeff Erhardt in a statement. "However, generating and maintaining that content in an ever­-changing world is a non-­stop battle. Our goal was to leverage our unique machine learning expertise to facilitate this challenging process."

Wise Support enables support managers to do the following:

  • Harvest the best responses from all of their agents and make them available company-wide;
  • Ensure consistent communications;
  • Control the tone of responses and capture the company voice;
  • Support agents by providing an approved content resource; and
  • Offer new agents a way to learn the types of tickets that come in, select from the approved responses available, and customize them as needed.

For teams just ramping up on new platforms, the Wise content discovery capability can help identify their first set of macros. For existing teams with heavy macro usage, the suggestions helps identify templates based on emerging trends.

"You have great employees working hard and innovating every day to serve your customers. Our goal is to capture that expertise once it becomes repeatable in order to free your people up to do what they do best: use creativity and empathy to solve the hardest and most unique customer issues," Erhardt said.

One Wise customer with 400 active macros in Zendesk, identified 40 new macros and put them to immediate use.

"We've only been working with Wise.io for a short time but have already been impressed with their technology and team," said Fernando Rodriguez, head of operations at Breeze, in a statement. "Their clustering analysis has changed the way we look at support and we are building efficiencies with them."

The technology underlying the content discovery capability uses Wise.io's machine learning for natural language understanding and more traditional unsupervised clustering techniques. The content discovery capability complements the growing suite of predictive applications offered by Wise.io, including Wise Routing, which automates the support ticket triage process, Wise Auto Response, which auto answers some support inquires, and Wise Recommended Response, which provides a ranked shortlist of appropriate macros and templates for each new customer inquiry.

Wise content discovery is available for most major support systems, including Zendesk and Salesforce.com's Service Cloud.