West Introduces Visual Voice

West is releasing its Visual Voice solution, allowing callers to use their mobile devices to read texts, type responses, and navigate mobile web pages and forms, while intelligent IVR simultaneously guides them through every step.

Visual Voice provides a means of collecting customer data by reducing error rates and customer frustrations tied to interactive voice response (IVR) systems alone and makes tasks, such as keying long number sequences, scheduling appointments, enrolling in programs, and making payments, easier.

West's Visual Voice solution enables companies to do the following:

  • Provide customers with self-service options via smartphone, without requiring them to transfer, disconnect, or speak to live representatives during calls;
  • Blend voice instructions with navigable mobile web forms and text messages;
  • Collect customer preferences in the voice channel and securely enable opt-in compliance; and
  • Blend IVR, SMS, and mobile web.

"With Visual Voice's synchronization, customers can effectively self-serve in a more natural, personalized manner as a result of visual processing," said Dan Gordon, senior vice president of strategy and development for interactive services at West, in a statement. "This improves the end customers' comprehension throughout the transaction and perception of their overall experience, as well as business operations, data quality, and service results."