Voximplant Launches Smartcalls Outbound Calling Feature

Voximplant, providers of a cloud communications platform for web and mobile app developers, today launched Smartcalls, an intelligent and customizable web service to create outbound calling campaigns with robust voice recognition capabilities.

Smartcalls can recognize and comprehend human speech via Google Cloud and Amazon Polly, allowing businesses to design complex call scenarios in which customers can respond to questions in multiple ways. Call scenarios are designed using Smartcalls' visual editor, enabling users to intuitively create call logic by assembling blocks that represent the sequence of actions taken by the automated system. This logic can include placing calls, asking questions by using one of Smartcalls' synthetic voice options to read scripted text, recognizing and recording voice responses, repeating calls in scenarios where previous calls went unanswered, and more.

Each block of logic within the visual editor replaces and automates actions that would otherwise be conducted by human operators. Smartcalls comes with several pre-assembled, plug-and-play scenarios that companies can adapt for their needs. Every assembled call scenario can then be deployed in call campaigns and managed by specifying call delivery time and contact sheet rules. These rules allow for multiple call groups, time zone-specific settings, and other variables for dynamic campaign execution.

"Our data shows that using Smartcalls can be up to three times less expensive than using human operators, and the service can reduce the cost of maintaining a call center by at least 25 percent," said Vasily Sazhko, Smartcalls' product director at Voximplant, in a statement. "At the same time, Smartcalls completely removes the human factor in outgoing call campaigns, taking away human error in dialing and call execution and delivering greater reliability and efficiency for businesses."

"In our experiences working with companies across many different industries, we've recognized the opportunity that businesses have to significantly improve their current customer communications and help their budgets by using voice bots and automation," said Alexey Aylarov, CEO of Voximplant, in a statement. "We built Smartcalls to be as convenient as possible for users regardless of technical background. We invite businesses to try the Smartcalls visual editor and see just how easy it is to launch an effective call campaign in just minutes."