Vonjour for Zillow Offers Phone System, Texting Tool for Real Estate Market

Following the release of a new text messaging and iPhone application, Vonjour.com, a business phone system and text messaging provider, has released Vonjour for Zillow, an all-inclusive cloud-based phone system and text messaging solution for realtors.

The phone system includes an enterprise-level phone system that works on any device. It provides a company mainline or toll free number, and can organize sales, customer support and an unlimited amount of departments with a virtual receptionist. The system also directs callers with custom greetings and business hours. The phone system is easy to administer---users can setup a support team and virtual receptionist within five minutes without purchasing hardware.

Vonjour text messaging is designed to fight customer churn and increase support engagement. Vonjour comes equipped with event-based text messaging and allows organizations to send text messages based on the activity of its customers. Unlike email, with a 98 person open rate, text messaging has a 98 person open rate.

The solution allows an organization to send a text message based off a triggered event like a failed payment or a demo request. Text messaging allows a business to reach a customer with a customized before the company becomes irrelevant to that customer.

The Vonjour operator dashboard allows a company to conduct customer service through chat—an organization can respond to customer inquiries in the same way it would conduct chat and email support.

Any customer request, whether it is a phone call or a text message, can be turned into an inbound support ticket. Tickets can be managed by any member of the team. An entire team can listen to sales recordings, assign a ticket, and solve a ticket to the point of resolution.

“Vonjour’s all-in-one mobile phone system is designed to streamline the communication of modern real estate agencies. Vonjour delivers all the benefits of a traditional phone system on the smartphones and computers [that] your team already has,” said CEO and co-founder, Daniel Tawfik, in a statement. “Vonjour for Zillow is a perfect solution for agencies to list their listings and connect their field based agents to buyers.”