Vonage's Nexmo Platform Selected as Launch Partner for WhatsApp Business Chat

Business cloud communications provider Vonage announced that Nexmo, its API platform, is a launch partner for the new WhatsApp Business solution.

The WhatsApp Business solution lets businesses manage conversations with customers and provide useful information, whether notifications or customer service messages. Integrating with Nexmo APIs allows them to improve their message delivery rates.

As a WhatsApp Business solution provider, Nexmo is enhancing the WhatsApp Business solution through the following:

  • Single Abstracted API. With just an API call, businesses can send WhatsApp pre-set template messages without having to manage the complexity of enterprise software. Businesses do not have to host, scale or manage updates; Nexmo handles that for them.
  • Optimal Messaging Experience. Nexmo provides optional failover to SMS, so if a message isn't read or delivered via WhatsApp, the messages can be sent via SMS

Nexmo APIs also provide real-time insights with delivery callbacks that provide information, such as message status (delivered, read, or sent), cost, and applicable errors. Messages are encrypted from Nexmo to the customer's device, maintaining the integrity of sensitive information.

"At Vonage, we believe companies want to communicate with their customers on their platform of choice, whether that is SMS, chat, or social messaging," said Omar Javaid, chief product officer at Vonage, in a statement. "As a global platform, WhatsApp has been our customers' number one requested channel. In response to that, we're so excited to work with WhatsApp, a company that is quickly gaining traction among businesses as a common messaging platform."

"Nexmo aligns with WhatsApp's goal to help businesses drive deeper customer relationships using the most innovative business communications solutions. With the scalable, robust Nexmo platform, businesses leveraging the WhatsApp Business solution will experience simple integrations, ongoing maintenance, and the freedom to focus on what matters most - connecting to their customers," added Eric Le Guiniec, vice president of global sales at Nexmo, in a statement.

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