Vonage Partners with Flowcode

Vonage, a cloud communications platform provider, is partnering with Flowcode, a direct-to-consumer platform, to launch Flowconnect, powered by Vonage APIs, which allows consumers to instantly communicate with companies by integrating live chat with Flowcode's QR technology.

Flowconnect allows consumers to scan a QR code and immediately initiate communications with a customer service team. It includes three Vonage APIs: Meetings, SMS, and Voice.

"We wanted to bring to market a new solution that can transform customer interaction and service," said Jake Gidney, head of innovation and R&D at Flowcode, in a statement. "Vonage worked with us to optimize our launch, deliver the right communication APIs to help us execute our vision for Flowconnect, and ultimately deliver a better journey to our customers."

"Vonage is delighted to work with Flowcode to expand their client base for Flowconnect and enable direct communication for Flowcode's customers, empowering them to land directly into the conversation with the experience they ultimately are seeking, quickly and efficiently," said Vikram Khandpur, senior vice president of communications platform-as-a-service products and developer experience at Vonage, in a statement.