Vonage Launches Number Programmability

Business cloud communications provider Vonage has launched Vonage Number Programmability on its Vonage Business (VBC) Cloud platform. Number Programmability enables any VBC phone number to be programmatically routed to a host of API-driven capabilities, enabling enterprises to customize their communications system and bringing increased capabilities to Vonage's new CX Cloud Express contact center package.

Number Programmability leverages APIs via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform.

"Communications is at the core of a business' digital transformation. Most companies focus on innovation to move their businesses forward, and digital transformation initiatives often lead the way," said Jay Patel, senior vice president of product management at Vonage, in a statement. "To meet the growing need for tools that fuel digital transformation, Vonage Number Programmability provides enterprises with unprecedented capabilities to customize their business communications applications with common web technologies."

By connecting with a Nexmo Voice application, Number Programmability allows developers to do the following:

  • Programmatically route calls;
  • Enable chatbots;
  • Create custom communications applications with standard web technologies;
  • Create customizable voice and messaging workflows layered on top of unified communications and contact center functionality; and
  • Integrate with third-party systems.

With Number Programmability, Vonage’s network of 700,000 registered developers also receive access to Vonage platform data to dynamically route calls. At launch, additional Number Programmability features and functionality that can be enabled via APIs include interactive voice response-driven workflows, voicebots, voice broadcast, call tracking, local proxy dialer, and click-to-call.