Voice4Net Debuts Customizable WebRTC-Based Contact Center Client Solution

Voice4Net, a provider of customer interaction and voice communications solutions for businesses, announced the availability of its RTC Client, a new contact center solution based on the WebRTC (Web real-time communications) protocol.  Leveraging this emerging browser-based technology, the solution enables businesses to establish a customized, robust and easy-to-deploy agent desktop that can be integrated into an existing contact center solution, minimizing disruption and cost and accelerating deployment.

Voice4Net’s RTC Client offers a widget-based GUI with a series of swappable, drag-and-drop work elements that can be populated on an agent desktop on-the-fly to meet business needs. Since the solution works through a standard browser, as opposed to a third-party plug-in, and takes advantage of user comfort with browser navigation and tabs, it requires almost no user training, making it as simple to learn as any readily available browser-based function.

The simplicity of WebRTC means that dealers and integrators can add RTC Client to a legacy contact center in a single visit, with minimal downtime or disruption. Providers can therefore offer customers an effective, sophisticated and distinct solution that addresses specific business processes—without requiring significant hardware upgrades or a wholesale system overhaul.

“We recognized early on that the WebRTC would offer breakthrough efficiencies and customization in the contact center. RTC Client is our first step in delivering these benefits to businesses,” said Rick McFarland, CEO, Voice4Net, in a statement. “Integrators can achieve extensive personalization in just a single-day software installation, compared to weeks using legacy technology. Our approach leverages the WebRTC protocol as a business application, not just a collaboration tool, creating a highly effective solution that can be easily manipulated, seamlessly integrated with back-office functions, and installed right over a legacy system.”

The RTC Client is part of a larger suite of browser-based solutions that Voice4Net plans to release in the coming months. Voice4Net’s WebRTC-based technologies are currently being deployed across a variety of vertical markets throughout the United States through a series of white label solutions offered by hosted and premise-based communications partners.