Vocantas Releases Utilities OnCall 3.2

Vocantas today released Utilities OnCall 3.2, the latest version of its interactive voice response (IVR) solution for utilities. This latest version is easier to customize for businesses and offers callers a friendlier, more conversational experience.

Now, Utilities OnCall can identify callers by the number from which they are calling and associate that number with the account information.

Utilities OnCall 3.2 also offers the following:

  • Visual IVR;
  • Account menu configurability with on/off options to allow users to control which menus are active;
  • Variable account number digits;
  • Secondary authentication options for increased security;
  • The ability for callers to update their own information and send it back to the system; and
  • Customer satisfaction survey options.

"End users in 2017 expect intelligent, conversational customer service, and we are pleased to be able to offer them this experience," said Andrew Kozminski, chief technology officer at Vocantas, in a statement. "End users have access to friendly, personal customer service through the web and social media channels, and the IVR channel should be no different. Our goal for every Vocantas IVR call is that customers can quickly access their account, check their balance, make a transaction, and most importantly, never have to speak to an agent."