VirtualPBX Offers Call Queues for Dash Business VoIP

VirtualPBX has launched ACD Queues for the Dash business VoIP phone system.

"Offering ACD Queues on Dash is huge because it was one of the very few features that Dash didn't have," said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX's chief operations officer, in a statement. "We've never lost focus on preserving cost competitiveness in our industry, and now departmental queues create a feature parity for Dash unlike any feature before it."

ACD Queues on Dash work much like they do on previous VirtualPBX platforms. Key improvements include a refined interface for the queue management, which can now be performed from anywhere with a data or internet connection. Additionally, the new interface allows for queue monitoring.

"We're able to do so much more with ACD Queues today than we ever have been," Baker added. "Simply bringing this technology to the Dash interface has opened the doors for entire worlds of intuitive functionality that was previously not possible."