Virtual Hold Technology Releases Call Center ROI Calculator

Virtual Hold Technology, a multichannel callback solutions provider, has released of an online Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to provide companies with estimations on annual savings through call center enhancements based on solutions from VHT.    

The VHT ROI Calculator, available as an interactive Web-based tool, was developed based on data collected from VHT’s enterprise customers across various industries, including: telecommunications, utilities, government, travel, financial services, retail, insurance, and healthcare. Currently, VHT tracks metrics on 500 million calls per year.

The VHT ROI Calculator requires just five key data inputs to estimate a call center’s projected annual savings:

  •     Average Daily Call Volume
  •     Average Speed of Answer
  •     Percent of  Calls Abandoned
  •     Number of Agents
  •     Loaded Agent Labor Rate

Based on the above inputs, the VHT ROI Calculator calculates total annual savings, as well as improvements in the following areas (all monetary amounts in USD):

  •     Percent Reduction in Average Speed of Answer
  •     Percent Increase in Service Level
  •     Percent  Abandon Rate Improvement
  •     Yearly Queue Reduction in Minutes
  •     AHT Savings in Dollars
  •     Repeat Call Savings in Dollars
  •     Labor Impact in Dollars
  •     Customer Satisfaction Impact in Dollars

For example, a call center with an average daily volume of 23,000 calls, a 45-second average speed to answer, a four percent call abandon rate, and 225 full-time agents, could potentially save over $1 million annually with VHT.

“Implementing solutions in the contact center is always a big decision. The ROI must be there. Our goal is to help demonstrate return on investment through an easy-to-use tool that leverages the millions of data points we’ve collected over the years,” said Wes Hayden, CEO of VHT, in a statement. “Our ROI calculator provides companies with tangible numbers backed by real-world data, allowing decision-makers to take the first step towards understanding the potential cost-savings and revenue gain available through VHT’s solutions.”