Vidyo Video Platform Is Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry

Vidyo has released its patented video conferencing technology on the Genesys AppFoundry online marketplace focused on customer experience solutions.

The Vidyo Adapter for Genesys will allow video-enabled Genesys contact center agents to seamlessly connect with customers with visual customer service experiences.

"Today, 75 percent of customer journeys start on mobile, Web, or social, and this trend is only accelerating," said Merijn te Booij, executive vice president of product and solution strategy at Genesys, in a statement. "Response to this digital imperative is increasingly important for companies competing on the battleground of customer experience. By building on the AppFoundry and the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, Vidyo leverages the widest breadth of omnichannel journey management capabilities to improve customer experiences for companies worldwide."

"We have experienced demand across healthcare and financial services for video-enabled customer engagement solutions and are pleased to partner with Genesys," said Eran Westman, CEO of Vidyo, in a statement. "Customers have reported that our integrated contact center solution is delivering higher satisfaction and a better experience for both customers and agents. In fact, one customer reported a 200 percent increase in their Net Promoter Score, shorter calls over Vidyo, and a majority of users reporting a preference for Vidyo calls as their standard form of interaction."

Genesys customers using the Vidyo Adapter will enable a contact center agent to seamlessly escalate an interaction with a customer (via mobile or Web) to a Vidyo conference directly from the Genesys ;Agent Desktop. The agent will see the Vidyo call displayed in the familiar Genesys application and will be able to manage the video interaction, while also maintaining Genesys routing and reporting on Vidyo-based interactions.

Leveraging the VidyoWorks platform, Genesys customers can fully embed visual interactions into any omnichannel customer experience application, workflow, or endpoint. The platform runs on commodity hardware and in virtual computing environments.

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Genesys' app marketplace AppFoundry and developer portal DevFoundry have boasted rapid growth recently, with AppFoundry now offering more than 100 customer experience apps and DevFoundry now supporting more than 250 users. Jim Kraeutler, vice president of the innovation group at Genesys, atributes the growth to the vendor's commitment to educating partners and developers and giving them flexible tools to build solutions.

Posted August 12, 2016