Verint Launches Recording for Public Safety

Verint Systems has released Verint Recording for Public Safety, an omnichannel solution that captures voice, video, PC screens, images, geographic information systems (GIS), and text-based media across multiple channels, including 911 telephony, radio systems, dispatch consoles, VoIP and SMS messaging, and microphones.

The software brings public safety recording together with robust archiving, quality management, and analytics capabilities all on a single platform. In addition, it helps expedite incident reconstruction and analyze actions and outcomes, enhance performance, and can comply with evolving regulations, such as the NG-911 i3 standard and Project 25 (P25). Additionally, the recording platform streamlines databases and service footprints, offers robust security features, and is future proof as new communication channels emerge.

With support for deployments ranging from small municipalities to the largest and most sophisticated regional emergency communication centers, Verint Recording for Public Safety also supports tamper-proof, chain-of-custody auditing capabilities.

"As the nature of public safety pivots from a more traditional, reactive approach to one that is more proactive and preventative, Verint is responding by delivering innovative technology solutions that help public safety organizations become more agile," said Kristyn Emenecker, global vice president of product strategy at Verint, in a statement. "We're pleased to offer the industry our flagship technology that currently supports more than 10,000 organizations globally. The proven recording solution helps agencies address citizen demands across all channels and is highly suited for the mission -critical needs of public safety today and into the future."