Verint Launches Knowledge Management Professional

Verint Systems today launched its Knowledge Management Professional solution for organizations that span up to 90,000 users. The cloud-based software is designed to get the right information to customers and employees at the right time, and help ensure the consistent delivery of that knowledge through shared intelligence across customer channels and touchpoints.

"We're delighted to offer an enterprise-class knowledge solution to such a wide range of organizations," said John Goodson, senior vice president and general manager of customer engagement solutions at Verint, in a statement. "As more and more organizations prioritize knowledge management, and as they empower customers to self-serve and employees to access the most current information with ease and confidence in real time, we believe solutions like Verint Knowledge Management Professional will be attractive based on solution impact, customer and employee engagement, and cost and time to value."

Verint Knowledge Management Professional includes the following:

  • Business-configurable authoring and approval workflow, as well as a 360-degree feedback loop;
  • Centralized repository of articles, FAQs, procedures and more;
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of information;
  • Keywords and natural language to search the knowledge base in dozens of languages;
  • Federated search for the inclusion of relevant sources, such as communities, content management systems and third-party websites;
  • Relevant customer context, including purchase history and other data, to automatically filter and personalize responses;
  • Responsive user interface optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile devices, allowing users to apply filters, see featured content, bookmarks, and more;
  • Self-service access for customers to get answers on their own through web or mobile devices; and
  • REST API access to embed knowledge in a variety of third-party interfaces and applications.

The Verint Knowledge Management Professional is part of Verint's Employee Engagement suite and broader Customer Engagement portfolio.

"We believe the key to engaging customers effectively is to empower the employees who serve them. When combined with other Verint solutions, such as Quality Management, Employee Desktop, Communities, and Desktop and Process Analytics, we put the right information at employees' fingertips as they need it, enabling them to focus on the customer rather than searching for information," Goodson added.