Verint Expands Partnership with Connex

Verint Systems has expanded its partnership with Connex Telecommunications, a Canadian telecommunications provider. The partnership allows Connex to offer a broader range of Verint solutions, both on premises and in the cloud, to its customers.

Partners with Verint since 2014, Connex has offered Verint Workforce Engagement as part of the contact center solutions it provides its customers. The newly expanded, strategic relationship lets Connex implement, integrate, and support Verint's broader Customer Engagement portfolio for companies across Canada.

With customers across financial services, technology, utilities, government, hospitality, and other industries, Connex has offered it customers technologies for self-service, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, digital call recording, quality monitoring, and other solutions. The Verint agreement significantly expands those offerings, giving Connex customers access to Verint’s enhanced speech, text and desktop analytics tools, and solutions that blend artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding technology.

"We have doubled-down on our business strategy with Verint and their solutions, and we are committed to bring further value to our customers," said Sayan Navaratnam, CEO of Connex, in a statement. "This newly expanded partnership will provide greater value for our existing and future customers, augmenting and enhancing our core services. I am confident that together we will substantially improve our ability to address a growing variety of customer needs, dramatically expanding our market share."

"This expanded partnership will allow us to provide exponential operational efficiency for call centers, back-office, and branch locations across a broad range of industry verticals for companies of all sizes throughout the Canadian market," said Jonathan Lerner, Verint's senior vice president and general manager of Americas sales, in a statement. "We look forward to the benefits this expanded partnership can give Canadian organizations in helping new and existing customers simplify, modernize, and automate their operations to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty."