Verint Enhances Capabilities in Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Verint today introduced advanced capabilities for Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, part of Verint Customer Engagement Platform, powered by Verint Da Vinci artificial intelligence to activate insights and automate experiences.

Verint IVA allows for the deployment of automation across digital and voice channels. With pre-built natural language understanding (NLU) models and extensive AI and analytics fueled by Verint Da Vinci, Verint IVA allows organizations to scale hybrid workforces of humans and virtual assistants while integrating with existing systems.

Verint IVA also includes a low-code, drag-and-drop editor called IVA Studio, which is equipped with a visual user interface to launch, tune, and improve their bots in house. New intents and languages can be added and measured in real time across endpoints for transparency and control of tailored language models.

Verint IVA delivers mature NLU models specific to industry use cases in banking, insurance, healthcare, among others and can integrate into chatbot solutions. It also enables end users to build and manage voice AI flows, like handing over complex chatbot conversations to a live agent with the proper context.

"Rolling out more digital channels doesn't always guarantee an improvement in customer engagement. Modern consumers expect seamless digital interactions, regardless of channel," said Heather Richards, vice president of go-to-market strategy for digital-first engagement at Verint, in a statement. "Brands need a way to scale customer interactions across channels, and Verint IVA introduces AI-powered conversational experiences, driving a better customer experience and automating processes in the contact center."

"Customers appreciate using their own words in natural interactions with bots but get frustrated when automated systems don't understand simple queries or have limited options," said Derek Top, senior analyst and research director at Opus Research, in a statement. "Verint's IVA Studio enables developers to start with pre-built models that reduce the time and resources required to support a variety of complex interactions and transactions."