VCC Live Integrates with Zapier

VCC Live (formerly known as Virtual Call Center), a provider of telecommunications and cloud-based contact center technology, has integrated with the Zapier application to make communication between VCC Live's data-storing programs and other business data systems easy and effective.

"It was essential and invaluable for our current and future customers that our development team created effective links between our solution and other applications that use Zapier. A wide range of software can now be connected via Zapier, with the most important functions in our VCC client, making customer services and sales work easier and more efficient. This innovation will undoubtedly benefit VCC Live's partners in the long run," said Szabolcs Toth, managing sirector of VCC Live, in a statement.

VCC Live can now connect to more than 500 other business softwares via Zapier. In particular, there has been demand from VCC Live's business partners to include CRM and project management systems as well as newsletter emailing software, to connect with the VCC client via Zapier.  The programs integrated so far include, Google Office, Asana, Slack, Facebook, and Mailchimp.