UserCare Launches An In-App Mobile Customer Care Solution

UserCare today launched a private beta of its mobile-focused customer service platform for app publishers. UserCare is a cloud-based application that uses in-app messaging and data-driven user segmentation tools to assist app developers in cultivating their highest value customers with prioritized service.

"The customer service solutions available to app developers today are oversimplified in that they treat all customers equally regardless of how much value the customer drives for the business," said Barry Coleman, CEO at Usercare, in a statement. "UserCare marries data analytics and customer service in the same interface so that companies can prioritize delivering higher-touch service to their best customers, leveraging customer event data to help drive effective first-contact issue resolution."

App publishing teams can deliver real-time customer service through their apps with a simple integration with the UserCare SDK. With UserCare, publishers can provide support using mobile messaging and push notifications, enable customer self-service through FAQs and grant instant rewards through a Web-based interface.

UserCare allows app developers to leverage first-party data from the application to create value-based customer segments and deliver differentiated service to their most high-value users—the approximately 20 percent of customers who drive 80 percent of the revenue.

"At Addiktive, we understand how important it is to nurture our very best customers. We try to interact with them regularly through social media when we can link to them. We've always wanted to give our high-value players a direct channel to interact with us and grant them special access to the latest features and betas," said Pedro Navarro, CEO and founder of Addiktive Games, in a statement. "What UserCare is providing aligns with our approach and would allow app developers to identify high-value players and have these valuable interactions directly in the app in a more scalable, trackable way."

UserCare key features include the following:

  • Agent-assisted service with in-app mobile messaging;
  • Push notifications to alert customers to new messages;
  • Self-service tools that enable users to help themselves through FAQ pages; and
  • Customer Chronicle, to gain an interactive view of how each user is engaging with the app.

With UserCare, mobile app developers can do the following:

  • Define customer lifetime value segments that enable differentiated service levels and support queues;
  • Customize the look and feel to match the mobile apps.
  • li>Determine what support channels to make available to each segment;
  • Prioritize service to highest-value customers;
  • Track virtually any customer event of interest, including purchases, usage, app upgrades, support requests, and more;
  • Act on user data to guide issue resolution, drive product development, and gain insights on user behavior;
  • Define custom rewards, including in-app currency, virtual items, credits, and more;
  • Instantly grant rewards within a mobile messaging session to show customer appreciation and drive loyalty; and
  • Display rewards in real-time directly in customer accounts.

Integration through a software development kit (SDK) makes UserCare a native experience within the mobile app created. The software currently supports the iOS and Android platforms, with Unity releasing in the next few months.

UserCare is currently accepting applications for its private beta program. Private beta participants will receive free access to the full features of UserCare for the duration of the program.

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Posted October 13, 2016