Updated Sparkcentral Customer Engagement Platform Speeds Social Media Response Time

Sparkcentral has rolled out the latest version of its real-time customer engagement platform, Autumn ’14. The updated edition enables Sparkcentral to present an automated infrastructure to nurture 1:1 customer relationships, empowering customer support managers with the ability to accurately report on customer resolution times versus being limited to one-off customer interactions. The company’s social media customer engagement platform is used by customers such as Netflix, Dropbox, and Sears.  

With the Autumn ‘14 release, Sparkcentral provides the ability to quickly tackle unresolved conversations and retain responder consistency for customer support teams. Improving social customer service is the next step towards becoming a customer-centric brand. Most social interactions today are one-offs. Despite featuring conversation history, other platforms only let agents manage interactions on a message-by-message basis, making it easy to lose conversational threads after issues are resolved.

The Sparkcentral Autumn ‘14 release enables agents to keep track of the context of their relationship with individual customers, making sure that every complaint truly gets resolved, issues can be revisited and follow-ups happen more efficiently. This helps build 1:1 relationships between individual agents and customers, no matter how much time passes or how interactions change.

Sparkcentral Autumn ‘14 Features

Sparkcentral has reverse-engineered the true 1:1 relationship between customers and brands, building features that let reps not only contact customers, but enable your brand to build a relationship with them. Key features include:

•   A new workflow that enables brands to serve customers faster. Agents can gauge the level of resolution for each issue and properly manage the conversation until the problem is solved. ?

•   Unique conversation delegation. Ensures that the right agents are always matched with the customer.

•   Full communication visibility. The entire team can effectively follow-up on what the team is doing and has done, ensuring that overall workflow is divided most effectively and allowing managers to catch organizational trends.

•   Time-to-resolution reporting. Support team managers understand and empower agents with reporting that precisely measures performance. Sparkcentral is the first social customer service platform to offer time-to-resolution reporting for social media engagement channels.


“We’ve all heard the horror stories of brands sending generic responses, like ‘We apologize for your inconvenience’, to tweets about complex issues,” said Sparkcentral CEO Davy Kestens, in a statement. “The Sparkcentral Autumn ‘14 release gives customer support teams the power to understand the mindset behind where the customer is coming from, the interactions they’ve made in the past and most importantly, what will resolve their most pressing customer service issues.”