Updated PrivacyStar App Can Report Spam Calls Directly to FTC

PrivacyStar has rolled out an enahnced Android app that lets users know who is calling and why, so they can choose to answer, block or report the call directly to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The company says that it is the only call management app that enables users to identify and file complaints about harassing or illegal calls directly to the FTC. PrivacyStar is available as a free download in the Google Play Store.

The growing telemarketing business is now over $500 billion, which is about the same size as the entire global advertising industry. Despite the persistence of telemarketing firms, PrivacyStar users are fighting back and accounted for 21 percent of all complaints submitted to the FTC in 2014, with many reporting harassing calls, threats of violence and vulgar language.

The new app gives consumers more control over their phones with several new features, including:

  • Enhanced call log: Puts all of calls and texts in a single screen where they can easily identify any unknown number and why they called. Easily block or file a complaint against any caller.
  • Color-coded threat levels: Calls are associated with a color that lets the user know if the call is safe, suspect or a known offender using easy to understand green, yellow and red threat level indicators.
  • Caller ID/YD: Real-time pop-up display of incoming caller details regarding who is calling and why, because getting the name isn't usually enough to decide if you should answer a call.
  • Complaint filing: Provides the option to report abusive call behavior directly to the FTC from within the app and connects users with consumer advocates to fight back when call offenses occur.
  • Directory: Quickly locate businesses by popular categories, get names for phone numbers you don't know or search by name when you need a phone number.

"Our mission is to ensure that when your phone rings, you know who's calling and why," said Jeff Stalnaker, president, PrivacyStar, in a statement. "We then give you control to take action as every month we block millions of calls for our users and we are really just scratching the surface. One thing we are especially proud of is helping people to easily file complaints as they may be eligible for cash compensation. Telemarketers have already paid PrivacyStar users millions of dollars due to their abuses."