Unscrambl Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Unscrambl's conversational analytics software qbo insights is now available as qbo for Microsoft Teams. qbo provides contact center agents and other employees natural language access to data.

Unscrambl qbo users can converse with qbo one-on-one or collaboratively as a team, view charts, refine, drill-down, create boards and even present their findings without having to leave the Teams platform.

"Industry front-runners are looking to empower every employee to make fact-based decisions. Enabling conversational access to data and insights within Microsoft Teams is a huge step in that direction. As we now live and work on these platforms, it's important to go beyond voice, video, chat, screenshots, and the chatter and move toward effective and data-centric collaboration. qbo blends seamlessly into our conversations, making data the anchor around which we converse, share, and develop strategies to outperform our competitors," said Vibhore Kumar, Unscrambl's CEO, in a statement.

"Unscrambl's qbo brings data-centric collaboration and decision making to Microsoft Teams", said Michal Lesiczka, group product manager for Teams Partnerships at Microsoft, in a statement. "With qbo, Teams users can now get conversational access to data and insights in natural language, making it simpler to build data-oriented storyboards. This integration with qbo will enable customers to more quickly make data-driven decisions."