Unity4 and Daisee Partner on Quality Management for Customer Interactions

Unity4 and Daisee are partnering to combine Unity4's cloud contact center solution and experience in the work from home model with Daisee's Automated Quality Management solution for customer interactions, powered by artificial intelligence and speech and text analytics.

The service allows organizations to quickly understand the quality of every customer interaction in terms of communication, conduct, and complaince.

Daisee ingests conversational media into its patent-pending Semantic Engine, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). The software groups language based on meaning. Once the interaction data is analyzed, enriched, and provided with a quality score, workflows triage low-scoring, high risk interactions for managers to review and remediate. A Programmable Scorecard augments the quality control process, replacing traditional paper scorecards, flagging critical focus areas within the interaction, and providing descriptive rationale as to why certain elements failed or passed. Users can review and proactively remediate issues before they escalate.

"Unity4 works closely with the innovators in emerging technologies and views speech and text analytics and artificial intelligence as pivotal in unlocking data to maximize customer interactions and aid in the management of staff. Daisee is a thought leader and dynamic player in this space. Combined with an easy-to-consume and use model, our decision to partner was a no-brainer. Customers are getting value from day one. It is exciting times. Take the challenge and give it a try. You won't regret it," said Craig Boorman, managing director of Unity4 contact center technology, in a statement.

"Daisee has a unique approach to improving quality by identifying the critical areas of friction that result in complaints and the loss of valuable customers. Daisee's solution ingests the data from cloud communications, so partnering with a pioneer of WFH solutions was a natural decision. We are excited to partner with Unity4 to bring our solution seamlessly to more customers across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom," said Richard Kimber, founder and CEO of Daisee, in a statement.