Unika Launches Intelligent Knowledge Assistant

Unika.ai, a provider of knowledge management software, has launched the artificial intelligence-powered Intelligent Knowledge Assistant (IKA). Delivered through the Unika platform, IKA is an enterprise solution that can answer FAQs, find assets, and support complex research scenarios.

IKA can help customer service agents find information faster, assist business development reps with sales inquiries, or enhance employee on-boarding.<p">

IKA is built on Microsoft's Natural Language Processing engine and allows users to have real conversations or use simple utterances. IKA interprets the user's intent and can provide answers in seconds. IKA can be surfaced across multiple devices and languages, regardless of whether users are using voice or text to communicate.

"A digital workplace houses your company's priceless collective experience and knowledge, but if that information isn't easily accessible, it offers no value to anyone," said Jason Noble, president of Unika, in a statement "IKA solves this challenge by interpreting questions, searching through your collective knowledge, and providing the right information within seconds."