USAN Releases Metaphor SecurePay

USAN has released Metaphor SecurePay, a contact center payment application that blocks payer details from the call center agent.

Metaphor SecurePay is a cloud-based multimodal payment verification platform that integrates with payment processors to reduce the contact center’s security threat and mitigate payment fraud.

"As experts in compliance, our [Payment Card Industry] team is well aware of the significant risk related to secure payments and mitigating fraud," said Steve Herlocher, senior vice president of marketing and products at USAN, in a statement. "Working closely with our product development group, USAN developed this application to help contact centers enjoy the benefits of a PCI-compliant solution that was also easy to implement and easy for agents to use."

Metaphor SecurePay can be implemented anywhere within an existing agent desktop application  to submit a secure payment link to customers. The customers' payment and personal details are transmitted securely without the agent having access to the information, although both parties are notified of transaction events in real time.

The platform's multimodal connection capability works on transactions conducted by phone, SMS, email, and mobile applications. A payment gateway transmits data directly and securely between the customers' account and bank account and card providers. Data transmissions via the Metaphor SecurePay payment processing engine use standard encryption technologies to ensure data safety.