UJET Adds Live Multimedia Sharing Over Text Messaging

UJET, a provider of mobile-friendly, multichannel customer support solutions, has launched in-call texting and multimedia sharing over interactive voice response (IVR).'

With in-call texting, agents can send text messages directly to customers' camera-enabled phones to request photos, videos, or screenshots that provide more context and get everyone on the same page rapidly.

The UJET customer contact center solution already enabled end users to share photos and screenshots with support agents via smart actions in its SDK for mobile and web apps. However, not all end users have downloaded company mobile apps when reaching out for help, especially during unboxing or installation. With in-call texting, customers can now exchange text messages and media files with support teams regardless of whether  they have the mobile app or are on the company website.

"We are excited to release one-touch in-call texting abilities to enable most of our smart actions to our voice and IVR customers outside of the mobile or web SDK"” said Anand Janefalkar, founder and CEO of UJET, in a statement. "This innovative feature is a direct result of feedback from our customers for cases where the end user is first interacting with a product or service before downloading an app or signing up with the service. In-call texting instantly enables the power of visual media to get customer service agents and end customers on the same page fast."