Tymeshift Adds Slack Integration and Talk+ to Zendesk Platform

Tymeshift has added Slack integration and Talk+ to its workforce management solution, which is made exclusively to operate within the Zendesk framework.

With the Slack integration, users can get information from Tymeshift during their workday without leaving Slack. Managers can receive notifications that alert them to their agents' work statuses, and agents can get alerts about their own activities via Slack.

Talk+ is an inclusive bundle of features for organizations looking for more in-depth data syncing between Tymeshift and Zendesk Talk as well as additional automation and tracking. Customers can now access more Talk metrics and Talk State information in Tymeshift, for both historical and real-time data. Additionally, Tymeshift will now automatically sync Talk States between platforms.

"We are always looking to develop features that make our customers' lives easier, but we want to go beyond that too. We're excited to help boost agent success and streamline processes so they can focus on the creative aspects of their work without having to get bogged down by the small complexities they shouldn't have to deal with," said David Birchmier, Tymeshift's founder and CEO, in a statement.