Twilio Launches SMS on Toll-Free Numbers

Twilio, a software and cloud-based communications platform company, has introduced the ability to text using toll-free numbers.

Businesses can now interact with their customers via SMS over their existing toll-free numbers or new Twilio toll-free numbers. With voice and messaging capabilities on the same toll-free phone number, businesses can enable customers to connect via their communication channel of choice.

Twilio's platform enables a broad range of capabilities for developers and businesses to rapidly build and deploy the communication solution that meets their specific need.

To date, toll-free numbers have been used for voice-based communications. As a growing number of customers choose text messaging as their preferred method of communication, businesses can now provide the same toll-free experience for SMS numbers.

Using Twilio toll-free SMS, businesses can modernize customer communication by providing both automated and live agent support via text. The software can:

  • Reduce on-hold wait times and call center call volume by servicing requests via SMS.
  • Enable customers and call center agents to seamlessly switch between calls and text-based support.
  • Enhance brand experience and reduce complexity for customers by associating a single 800 phone number with both voice and text messaging.

OneReach, a cloud-based business communications platform, empowers Twilio SMS customers to provide personalized customer-facing solutions through the use of the OneReach visual design tool.

"Text messaging is the most common activity performed on mobile phones, and now customers can communicate with businesses the same way they communicate with friends and family, via SMS," said Rich Weborg, CEO of OneReach, in a statement. "Businesses can now automate self-service and offer customers the ability to text with customer service representatives who can reply through a Web-based interface. This is a major win for both businesses and customers."

SMS capability is now available on all newly purchased US and Canada toll free numbers, as well as Twilio's existing or ported US and Canada toll free numbers. Twilio's on-demand provisioning enables businesses to quickly and easily obtain as many numbers as needed.