Trumpia Launches Feature for Tracking Links in Text Messages

Trumpia, a multichannel messaging and marketing automation solutions provider, has released a new SMS Click-Through Tracking feature that allows users to track each instance a subscriber clicks on an embedded link sent out in mobile text messages.

With SMS Click-Through Tracking, Trumpia users get valuable feedback for their important announcements or marketing campaigns. Users can easily view how many clicked on a link and measure the click-through rate, allowing them to analyze campaign effectiveness.

This feature shows exactly how many contacts were compelled to click the link in a mass text message. Users can test responses to different offers sent to two different groups and gauge which offer is more attractive. Another useful application of this feature is to sort individuals and create new distribution lists based on which links they’ve clicked. For example, a user could create a new distribution group that consists solely of their customers who previously clicked on a sneaker promotion, and send them an invite to their summer sneaker sale.

“More analytics means users can now send more targeted and relevant messages in future campaigns,” said Ken Rhie, CEO, Trumpia, in a statement. “This will help boost response rates and keep their customers coming back.”