TriageLogic Implements Emergency COVID-19 Hotlines and Remote Care Solutions for Health Centers

TriageLogic, a provider of telephone nurse triage and remote patient communication, is offering solutions that hospitals, medical organizations, and health centers can use for patient care during the COVID-19 crisis.

Among the services being offered are the following:

  • A coronavirus-trained hotline, available 24/,7 for screening patient questions, providing information, and following scripts. TriageLogic can either supply the hotline and staff or just the telephone system and processes.
  • MyTriageChecklist nurse triage software with COVID-19 protocols to ensure nurses ask and document all relevant questions related to patient symptoms consistently. It also includes triage protocols that are being updated in real time as new information surrounding COVID-19 becomes available.
  • A remote call center with phone system with certified nurses for any location to evaluate patients remotely.

"We are working around the clock to help our current clients as well as other health centers put processes in place to help patients and concerned callers. We are also working with remote monitoring companies to have a process in place to help patients at risk or after a hospitalization at their homes," said Dr. Ravi Raheja, TriageLogis's medical director and chief information officer, in a statement.