Transera Releases Advanced Cloud-Based Analytics Solution for Contact Centers

Transera has released Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer, a cloud-based software solution that helps contact centers capture, organize and cross-analyze customer interactions.

With Transera’s Analyzer, organizations can gain a complete view of customer engagement no matter what operational system or channel where interactions occurred.

By bringing together data from multiple sources and systems to generate predefined and ad-hoc business views, Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer gives organizations actionable insight into their customer interactions. The Analyzer visually displays sales, marketing and operational trends to help users discern patterns for continuous improvement. The Analyzer’s standard and user-defined cross-system Key Performance Indicators tie business data to traditional operational metrics, giving performance visibility in a single, consolidated view.

Contact center, sales, and marketing professionals can use information gleaned from Transera Customer Engagement Analyzer for a variety of business purposes, such as identifying the best answering resources, evaluating marketing campaign performance and comparing sales and customer satisfaction target metrics to actual metrics.