Totango Introduces Its Zoe Chatbot

Totango, a customer success platform company, today announced Zoe, a conversational interface (chatbot) that allows every employee to participate in customer success.

Totango developed Zoe to expand the impact of customer success beyond a single team and into the entire company, so everyone within every department can participate and impact customer success.

Zoe, through a natural language, conversational interface (chatbot), democratizes access to all dimensions of customer data to everyone within the company, and is most powerfully leveraged through an integration with Slack. Zoe allows self-organizing teams, across departments, to participate and sign-up to customer success initiatives and impact customer success. Zoe is initially available for Slack and email and will be available for additional collaboration platforms over time.

"In the last year, more established enterprise companies are turning to customer success to support their digital businesses. The next step is for companies to enable customer success across all functions," said Guy Nirpaz, CEO of Totango, in a statement.

Zoe, he added, will have a "huge impact on businesses. There's nothing on the market that can unlock a company's true potential to drive customer success the way Zoe can."

Totango customer success products are used today by thousands of customer success professionals at leading companies including Autodesk, Zoom, and Taboola, to drive product adoption, retention and expansion.

"Zoe is going to make a significant difference in how we drive customer success as a company. Our entire team at Clicktale now has immediate access to customer data directly within Slack through Zoe. Employees from all departments can make better decisions to impact our customers quickly and positively," said Shai Rybak, vice president of customer success at Clicktale, in a statement.