Toshiba Enhances Security in IPedge 1.7.4

Toshiba America Information Systems' Telecommunication Systems Division has released IPedge 1.7.4, the latest version of on-site VoIP business communications solution. This latest software version adds applications and features related to security, including a new offline license dongle solution and encryption of stored voice and fax messages. In addition, V1.7.4 makes improvements to system programming and troubleshooting as well as to user features such as auto attendant dialing and meet-me audio conferencing.

"Security is a key consideration when purchasing an IP business phone system. In response to customer and dealer demand, we've implemented new security features in IPedge 1.7.4 to provide more configuration options, enabling further system isolation to help meet regulatory requirements and their own security directives," said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager for Toshiba America Information Systems' Telecommunication Systems Division, in a statement.

Key enhancements include the following:

  • A new dongle offline licensing option allows users to license an IPedge or IPedge App Server without public Internet access.
  • The built-in IPedge Messaging capability to encrypt all voice mail and fax messages stored in the system.
  • Technical improvements within the Enterprise Manager system management tool to allow technicians to navigate between programming screens.
  • A new Enterprise Manager QoS troubleshooting tool to help technicians assess call quality issues in real time. Technicians can view and search Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) and other metrics, such as packets sent/received, jitter, delay, and packet loss for all completed calls.
  • Auto Attendant Dialing allows the dialing of an extension via the auto attendant without having to create an additional mailbox.
  • An enhanced Conference View and Scheduler for the built-in Meet Me Audio Conference capability that lets users view a list of participants anytime,. It also takes advantage of improved calendar integration when scheduling conferences.