TheLoops Launches on Zendesk Marketplace

TheLoops' intelligent support operations data platform is now available on Zendesk's Marketplace.

TheLoops enables real-time support by contextualizing customer, product, and usage data for agents, all within Zendesk. It also contextualizes support data for department managers.

With TheLoops app installed in Zendesk, agents can resolve complex issues faster and support leaders can understand trends and set real-time triggers for service-level objective breaches.

With the platform's built-in artificial intelligence, agents can understand customer sentiment, identify where the user is facing a problem, and predict where additional problems might arise in the future.;

Additionally, TheLoops gives support leaders both a mission control dashboard of their operations and a customizable process flow for optimizing interactions and service-level objectives. The dashboards help leaders identify trends in customer interactions, understand agent performance, identify knowledge gaps, and manage ticket backlogs in real time.

"We're always putting customers first and finding new ways that they can get more value from their Zendesk experience. It's imperative that business leaders transform support from a cost center to a growth driver," said Jakub Glodek, senior director of emerging technologies at Zendesk, in a statement. "With TheLoops integration, companies can build an agile, scalable support operations solution that improves the quality of engagements and creates loyal relationships."