Tethr Launches Tethr Live for Real-Time Agent Assist

Tethr, a conversation intelligence platform provider, today launched Tethr Live, a real-time conversation analytics solution with agent assist prompts that steer conversations toward faster resolution.

With Tethr Live, contact center agents can view compliance checklists, receive next-best-action recommendations triggered by moments in the conversation, and see artificial intelligence-generated summaries after completed conversations. The solution can also trigger knowledge base articles and other call resolution documentation based on the context of conversations. Contact center supervisors can monitor real-time call transcripts and configure the types of events about which they want to receive immediate alerts.

Tethr ingests unstructured data from voice, chat, and other customer interaction platforms, identifies key moments using advanced conversation analysis, and then populates a set of prebuilt dashboards with valuable insights. These TethrRx dashboards identify how to reduce churn, increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer experience. For each metric, users see how their scores compare to industry benchmarks.

"Tethr is focused on creating a real-time capability that actually helps agents instead of distracting or frustrating them," Tethr CEO Robert Beasley said in a statement. "We designed Tethr Live with a singular goal: Make customer and agent experiences as seamless and effortless as possible. We didn't want to add more noise to an already overwhelming job."