Tellius to Introduce Intelligent Conversational Analytics

Analytics solutions provider Tellius is set to release Intelligent Conversational Analytics next month.

"Tellius directly addresses organizations' challenges associated with data analytics adoption and deployment through a unified approach to conversational analytics and automation that incorporates natural language, AI, and data scalability," said Ajay Khanna, founder and CEO of Tellius, in a statement.

Tellius can be deployed on premises or on multiple private and public cloud platforms and includes the following:

  • Conversational Analytics, to improve self-service by allowing users to ask questions using their voice or by typing in natural language into a Google-like search bar to get answers in plain language and visualize their data;
  • AI-Driven Automated Discovery, using machine learning algorithms to automatically surface anomalies, trends, and segmentation; and
  • Unified Analytics Platform that combines self-service data preparation, data exploration, automated discovery, and machine learning in an architecture that scales to big data, driven by APIs, and embeddable into external applications.