Telligent Teams Up with SoCoCare for Social Customer Service

Telligent, a provider of social community software for the enterprise, has partnered with SoCoCare for social customer service. Designed specifically for customer care agents to provide support over multiple social channels, SoCoCare’s cloud-based offering rolls-up listening, engagement and social analytics into one social command center that increases agent productivity. SoCoCare enhances Telligent-powered communities with all of the customer care tools that agents need to deliver effective social customer service.

Telligent and SoCoCare are developing deep integrations to bring community traffic into SoCoCare’s platform, providing a singular console for agents and supervisors to seamlessly drive agent responses back through Telligent communities. Additionally, Telligent community content will be available as resources for agents to push knowledge base responses out to social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as to community authors, all through the SoCoCare platform.

“By partnering with SoCoCare, Telligent can provide customer care teams with insights about their social support initiatives, enabling organizations to increase agent productivity and lower support costs. SoCoCare’s all-in-one natural language processing, decisioning, social network aggregation, listening, analytics and influence tools for customer care combined with Telligent will save agents time and enable them to quickly respond to the people who matter most,” said Jon Allen, Director of Strategic Alliances for Telligent, in a statement.