Teleopti Launches Cloud BI Tool for Workforce Management

Teleopti, a provider of workforce management (WFM) software, has launched Insights, a cloud-based business intelligence tool using Microsoft Power BI to offer companies WFM and customer experience data through extensive reporting functionality and personalized, interactive analysis. Teleopti cloud customers can use the product to tap into and share insights pertaining to scheduling and forecasting accuracy, employee engagement, and customer service performance.

"The release of Insights will greatly help our customers understand their workforce management operations, employees, and end-customers in a deeper, more profound way through advanced data analysis," said Magnus Geverts, chief business development officer at Teleopti, in a statement. "Insights addresses a great opportunity for cloud customers, turning all the data that streams through their WFM software into actionable intelligence. Embracing this opportunity underscores Teleopti's commitment to innovation and assists the transformation of our customers' business."

With Insights, users can now create detailed reports using drag-and-drop functionality, filtering, and the ability to layer in multiple variables. They also have access to adjustable, personalized dashboardss.

"From customizable dashboards to interactive visualizations, the aim when we developed Insights was to provides customers with a canvas to tell the story of their organization and workforce management through data," said Robert Bergman, product owner at Teleopti, in a statement.

"The aim of Power BI is to transform data into attractive, readable visuals in a matter of minutes, allowing individual users to gain invaluable insights as well as share these findings to increase organizational insightfulness as a whole," said Annica Wallenbro Stojcevski, business group lead for data, AI, and cloud at Microsoft in Sweden, in a statement. "It is exciting that Teleopti is using Microsoft tools and services to develop operationally insightful, employee-engaging, and CX-transforming solutions for companies across the world."