TeleVoice Launches TelePath

TeleVoice, which develops and implements customized call center solutions, has launched TelePath, a desktop tool that provides customer service representatives a wealth of caller-specific data the moment the call is received.

"Delivering a premier custom experience has a direct impact on a servicer's reputation, driving everything from referrals to refinances. The converse is equally true," said Barry Hays, senior vice president of TeleVoice, in a statement. "We understand that the industry needs effective tools to provide stellar service and that drives our development plan."

Among the data provided by TelePath are the following:

  • Who is calling;
  • How long the borrower has been on hold in the queue;
  • Why the IVR application transferred the call;
  • Which cross-selling messages should be presented to the caller; and
  • Other helpful data pulled from the caller's account information.

When calls must be transferred from one representative to another representative or queue, TelePath can display a heads-up message to the representative receiving the transferred call. The message, entered by the sending representative, can include helpful information about the caller's issue. The caller data from TelePath is instantly presented to the representative when the call arrives. At the same time, TelePath pops the appropriate screen from the system of record, populated with the borrower's account information.