TeleVoice Awarded U.S. Patent for SpotLight

TeleVoice, a provider of customized call center solutions, has been awarded a U.S. patent for the technology in its SpotLight single-point of contact (SPoC) call management solution for mortgage service providers.

SpotLight offers a distinct set of tools that improve agent efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

"With SpotLight, single-point-of-contact operations become more than just an audit check box," said Barry Hays, senior vice president and co-founder of TeleVoice, in a statement. "A well-managed SPoC group really can achieve the true goal of loss mitigation to move each troubled loan to the most favorable outcome as quickly as possible. Improving the flow of communications between SPoC agents and their assigned borrowers is the key to optimizing loss mitigation operations."

SpotLight manages all inbound and outbound call tasks assigned to SPoCs and can be used in environments where individual SPoC agents are assigned a group of loans or where a group of SPoC agents share responsibility for a set of loans.

Using propriety technology, SpotLight dynamically calculates a call priority score (CPS) based on loan-level data and call characteristics for each inbound and outbound call task. Critical calls are handled first, and less urgent calls are scheduled to be addressed later. Outbound contacts required by regulators receive priority as deadlines approach. The patented technology also provides audit trails by recording the disposition of every inbound and outbound call attempt. Servicers are able to instantly produce contact logs for individual loans, showing the outcome of every call that was placed by the borrower to the SPoC or by the SPoC to the borrower. Successful contacts, voicemails, requested call backs, abandoned calls, and other call events are all tracked.