TeleTech Launches Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service

TeleTech Holdings, a provider of customer experience, engagement, and growth solutions, has released the Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service (Humanify) offering, which provides end-to-end (human, digital, automated) customer engagement across and around all touchpoints at every interaction.

"In a connected, service-driven world, customer engagement with context is the key to growth," explained Ken Tuchman, chairman and CEO of TeleTech, in a statement. "Digital disruption has driven a seismic shift from a product economy to a service economy and now into an experience economy. In this new world, engagement—the ability to attract, acquire, nurture, retain, and grow authentic, long-term customer relationships—is the only way forward. Creating experiences that are distinctly human and engaging, regardless of whether the delivery method is person-to-person, digital, or an automated interaction, is the key to growth and differentiation."

"For years, TeleTech has delivered customer lifecycle services, including strategic planning, technology solutions, and operational excellence for care and growth services,"said Kyle Priest, chief strategy and marketing officer at TeleTech, in a statement. "Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service provides TeleTech clients the ability to leverage insights, technologies, and our services, all delivered with our unified methodology by our exceptional people. They are true brand ambassadors for our clients, working hard each day to create, deliver, and continuously improve engaging experiences for every customer we serve."

The offering weaves together TeleTech's core services and unites them with Humanify Technology Platforms, Humanify Insight Platform, and a single delivery methodology. Central to the technology platform is a robust set of omnichannel capabilities that combine fluid data and insights with seamless touchpoint/channel interoperability to provide frictionless performance and continuity.

Included in the Humanify offering are the following components:

  • Building a strategy
  • Enabling the strategy with technology
  • Delivering on the strategy through a combination of automated and human interactions
  • Measuring, learning, adjusting and improving.

"Companies far too often seek customer experience partners based on antiquated metrics that measure the productivity of the agents' performance as opposed to the higher value metrics of increased revenue, profitability, and improved customer loyalty," Priest said. "Listening, understanding, and adapting to a customer's need in the moment, based on context plus cognitive capabilities, enables transformative experiences and interactions, making customer engagement a vital imperative for all companies."