TeleTech Introduces Bundled Solutions for Contact Centers

TeleTech Technology, a provider of cloud and on-premises contact center solutions powered by Avaya and Cisco Systems, has introduced bundled cloud solutions for mid-sized organizations and enterprises

Created to deliver comprehensive unified communications and contact center solutions, TeleTech Technology now offers a portfolio of packaged cloud solutions with robust feature sets that leverage the cloud's ability to scale and add functionality as required.

The four new bundles include the following:

  • Cloud Connect, a rich unified communications collaboration environment as a service (UCaaS) offering;
  • Cloud Direct, a contact center solution delivered as a service (CCaaS);
  • Cloud Direct Plus, an omnichannel solution; and
  • Cloud Select, providing every channel, every option, and every feature.

"TeleTech Technology's Cloud bundle solutions allow our clients to opt for the feature-rich solution best suited for their needs," said& Steve Pollema, senior vice president of TeleTech Technology, in a statement. "These predefined bundles offer the advantages of implementation and cost efficiencies made possible by standardization, while simultaneously serving as a starting point to further customize a solution as business needs evolve."